Do you still use Microsoft Word for your environmental reports?  I’ll bet money that you do.  We all do.  Word is awesome as a standalone product because it is very flexible, does more than we need it to, and most everyone already has it installed on their computer.  Whether you use a Mac or a PC, it just works.

New tools for a new world

But a lot has changed since Word became the dominant word processing tool over two decades ago.

  • The internet happened
  • Smartphones happened
  • HTML5 happened

There’s a new tool out there called Quire that can help you improve your report completion process.  It’s a modern collaborative tool specially designed for any kind of technical report.  With it you can do the following pretty easily

  • Cloud Access: access the latest version wherever there is internet connection…on any device
  • Live Collaboration: allow multiple people to edit and upload documents at the same time.
  • Report Tags: enter repeated data once, and it updates everywhere in your document
  • WordBank : insert saved snippets of text using an integrated language library
  • SmartTables : blend Word and Excel capabilities to present narrative in a succinct tabular format
  • Programmable Styles: create consistent outputs so you can focus on entering content and not formatting your document
  • Appendices and Photo Galleries: using Word for photo templates is like using a screwdriver to hammer a wasn’t built for this, whereas Quire is.
  • Auto-assembly,Report Status tracking, and more…


Typewriter -> Word Processor -> Desktop Computer with Standalone Software -> Online Software

Think of it like this: at one time, everyone used typewriters to write reports.  Then someone came around evangelizing word processors.  A lot of people dismissed these new weird machines as toys.  But eventually they replaced typewriters.  The same thing happened when computers came out.  And now standalone software like Microsoft Word—which was introduced to the world in the early 1990s—is being challenged by modern tools built from the ground up with the internet, collaboration and specific use cases in mind.

Isn’t it time to at least take a look?

If your team still uses Word and email to produce, review, edit, and collaborate on professional environmental reports, you should stop your busy work for a second and give Quire a look.  No doubt you will save a ton of time.  And you can also stop by Quire’s booth at the EnviroTech Summit on April 11 and watch Kelly Stratton (Quire’s founder and President) talk about their new platform.

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