Stephen Cole, founder of Concrete Data, spoke at this year’s EnviroTech Summit.  Stephen talked about the use of modern web user interfaces (UIs) and the impact that they can have on a particular use case.  He used his scheduling application for commercial ports as an example of environmental benefits obtained by the use of some modern UI tricks

Summary of Presentation

Here are some key takeaways from Stephen’s presentation:

  • is a scheduling app for commercial ports.  think of like a hotel reservation system for ships.
  • All commercial ship visits in Hawaii are handled via his app
  • Environmental benefits of optimization using modern web UI include:
    • improved asset utilization
    • reduced fuel consumption
    • improved accuracy and reduced rework
    • staff sustainability
    • situational awareness
  • Time and speed management = fuel savings
  • It’s easy to hide a lot of details by using page-flip drilldown and card metaphors
  • Resolving conflicts is easier with visual metaphors to display data
  • Bottom line: a modern web user interface gives you new tools to optimize workflows

A few slides from his presentation are displayed in the slider below.  Click the button to download Stephen’s presentation.