Don Piper spoke at ETS2017 about the use of seaweed forests as a Total Systems Thinking approach that would have various benefits, as briefly summarized below.  Don is the creator of the MBA capstone Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship course at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute approach.  He’s also launched more than 70 successful businesses.

Summary of Presentation

  • Managing seaweed forests can accomplish various ecological goals at the same time, and can be thought of as a complete solution for:
    • reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere
    • and with it acidity in the oceans
    • water and air temp
    • and cleaning up dead zones
    • while producing enough renewable fuels to replace fossil fuels and
    • feed the planet using no fresh water
  • The University of the South Pacific has planned a pilot project with a $4 million investment
  • There are more than 400 dead zones globally that could benefit from this approach, including the garbage patch in the Northern Pacific
  • Discussions have been started in Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand, with collaboration from various entities including the Scripps Institute, NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, NREL, and various universities

A few slides from his presentation are displayed in the slider below.  Click the button to download Don’s presentation.