Even techier than last year…

The 2nd annual EnviroTech Summit is approaching fast…it’s in 2 weeks!   This year we have a slightly different overarching theme for the event, which is to showcase really interesting environmental use cases where modern technology is being applied today.  Some examples are mentioned below:

Did you know that when you go through an EZPass toll booth in Virginia, that your car is being checked for tailpipe emissions in realtime?

Lindene Patton will be speaking about this, among other things.

Instead of using a boat and a human to collect dissolved oxygen, temperature, and other readings in the middle of a river, just drop a plastic ball into the river and let it float downstream while watching it on an online map.

Scott Ensign is gonna showcase his invention and how it works to do just that.

Wanna reduce non-point source pollution from fertilizer runoff quickly?  Use an algorithm to analyze light refraction data from satellites, enabling you to identify healthy crops vs unhealthy crops.  Download that data directly to a tractor, and apply only the required amount of fertilizer instead of over-applying.

Josh Miller is going to show you how he created his software, and how the Government of Argentina is using it to reduce costs and agricultural pollutant runoff.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? No need to use tropical forests…use urban trees to do that.

Shawn Gagné is going to talk about his Urban Offsets platform,

Need to automate field photos and reports/documentation? Use an app for that.

Sly Barisic is going to showcase how his app software platform can be used to automate a lot of tedious manual documentation processes.

When collecting soil samples for VOC analysis, why collect 3 40-ml VOA vials instead of just 1?

Peter Schulert is going to talk about a new method they are using in their lab so that you can submit a single VOA vial  per sample instead of 3 per sample.

The Internet of Things is exploding onto the scene, and applicable environmental use cases are everywhere.  So why not learn about these and be on the forefront?

Tom Snyder is going to talk about the very real opportunities that are available in our industry today.

And drones…everywhere you go you hear about them now.  Strap them with a few sensors, and off you go collecting fugitive gas emissions from industrial facilities….or track whale migrations.

This year’s lineup is great!  It will not disappoint.  Get your ETS2017 ticket now.