Some companies aren’t interested in cannibalizing their own sales

Have you ever wondered why hardware companies like YSI that build field equipment don’t leverage smartphone technology, and instead want to sell you their own proprietary instrumentation?  I’ll tell you why.  Money.  In fact, I actually heard this from a YSI representative herself when I attended an environmental conference in Tampa FL a few years ago.  The story (which is real, BTW) went like this:

Me: “Is YSI considering developing iPhone software that can connect directly to your sondes, maybe through bluetooth?  That sure would be cool.”

YSI rep:  “No. Why would we do that?  We’d make less money by replacing our instruments with software that can run on your phone.”

Me: “True, but isn’t this something that is coming anyway? Why not be on the leading edge of this stuff?”

YSI rep: “We’re not going to do that.”

And that was basically it.

Bottom line: YSI was not interested in cannibalizing sales of their hardware by replacing high profit margin proprietary instrumentation units with cheap iPhone software.

I ended up writing an article about this way back in April of 2012.   Take a look at the screenshot of some drawings I did about this very thing.


VanEssen: one of two companies that have built smartphone software that can connect to their sondes and dataloggers wirelessly

I know of 2 environmental hardware companies that have gone a different way than has YSI.  One of them is VanEssen Instruments.These guys have adopted Android and Windows software that connects to their dataloggers wirelessly up to 500 meters with direct line of sight.  Innovative?  Yes.  Finally.

Want to know more about this cool stuff?

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