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"The Why" and "The How" of modern software/tech adoption by the environmental industry


Marrying Technologists & Environmental Professionals

…With the advent of cheap and easy-to-program microcontrollers like Arduino and the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, it is time to use our creativity, tap into IoT technologies (“Internet of Things”), like cloud services, networks, computers, sensors, and more and create our own unique tools. We don’t need to wait for big companies to have their R&D labs develop these for us…

Latest technologies in environmental software: a sneak peak

…while we wish we could showcase every single software tech product that is available for the environmental industry and all of those we have reached out to, it’s just impossible to do in a 1-day event. Here’s a sneak-peek at some of the folks that will be at this years event…

How much is your environmental data worth?

… they got hacked in January 2016 and it took down hundreds of their computers and analytical instruments throughout the entire network of TestAmerica labs. It took them 3 weeks to get back online.