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"The Why" and "The How" of modern software/tech adoption by the environmental industry

When was the last time you had to submit a liter of bodily fluid for a clinical analysis? Um…never.

Reducing 1L volume of water to 100 mL impacts an entire chain of events, from shipping costs, to breakage, and even solvent emissions at the lab. So this begs the question: if the technology is available, shouldn’t we raise the bar and begin scrutinizing common environmental laboratory practices against the clinical and pharmaceutical laboratory industries, industries far more efficient and sustainable, than—ironically—the environmental lab industry?

Paper: still good for origami, chain of custody not so much

We live in a digital age where smartphones are ubiquitous and “the cloud” provides universal access to information. With EnviroChain®, an online chain of custody (CoC) application, Promium is modernizing a data collection and entry process that has otherwise seen little change since the 1970’s.

OVA result = 0.1 ppm. What does this really mean?

The data I get from OVAs is always about the same: it’s just a simple qualitative number to compare against other readings at the same site. That’s it. Nothing more. Sure, using an OVA sounds great on paper (regulators love this stuff), but the practical application of its use leaves a lot to be desired.

Marrying Technologists & Environmental Professionals

…With the advent of cheap and easy-to-program microcontrollers like Arduino and the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, it is time to use our creativity, tap into IoT technologies (“Internet of Things”), like cloud services, networks, computers, sensors, and more and create our own unique tools. We don’t need to wait for big companies to have their R&D labs develop these for us…

Latest technologies in environmental software: a sneak peak

…while we wish we could showcase every single software tech product that is available for the environmental industry and all of those we have reached out to, it’s just impossible to do in a 1-day event. Here’s a sneak-peek at some of the folks that will be at this years event…